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Stephanie Nelson founded Top 2 Bottom Cleaning in 2002. At the time, she had just graduated with an associate nursing degree. When the adventure of motherhood presented itself, she decided she wanted to do something that would allow ample time with her child, but also provide income for her family.


IMG_7572The most difficult challenge of starting any business is deciding what type of business to start. The second most difficult challenge is overcoming the “what if’s” and taking the leap of faith. My love of cleaning and attention to detail combined with my love of caring for people could be a great opportunity. Not long after thinking about this, I received a call to clean a couple of homes from a local business owner who needed time off for surgery. Why would anyone leave nursing to clean houses you ask? Simple, I have always liked to clean and take great pride in a job well done. I enjoy the time spent with my clients while providing a great service. There is no better feeling than someone appreciating the job you do for them and passing the word around.

Growth happened rather quickly with word of mouth and we were servicing more than 30 area homes with part-time help. I was managing the home cleaning, going to conferences, networking with other business owners and reading books to learn anything I could about operating a cleaning business. As a result, our growth continued and we were blessed to get into the commercial business.

To streamline our business and ensure quality and low turnover we decided to focus strictly on the commercial side of our business.

In 2014 Jamie Nelson joined the business full time. Jamie contributes his 30+ years of network and management experience to the business. Jamie also owned and operated a pressure washing business and brings knowledge and experience to the table that way. We are able to provide services from professional carpeting and floor care to drywall repair and painting.

There are several core factors that we use to guide our business, one factor is working hand in hand with our employees. It is not uncommon to see us “getting our hands dirty” As a matter of fact, it is a core value of the company to know each and every job aspect. Another core factor is low turnover. We regard our employees the same way we do ourselves. We strive to own a company that is fun to work for, offering unique benefits, education, and guidance while providing a job well done. In addition, it is essential that our customers know who is in their building providing a consistent service.

We pride ourselves in listening to what the customer needs and not selling an “all for one” cleaning package. We offer many combinations of services and are happy to present our customers with options.

We do not claim perfection, but we do promise to do the best job we can with the combined knowledge we have. We are dedicated to continued learning and positive relationships with our clients. In fact, many of the clients we service today are customers we have had since 2003. But don’t take our word for it, we are happy to provide contacts for references upon request.